The story of the bird with the broken leg
Here is a story Lorne Blair brought back from his travels:
”You know, after my Ring of Fire-series, I was asked to lecture on luxury cruises in the Indonesian waters about the islands we were sailing through but would never actually see. The passengers were always very interested to hear my stories and occasionally we would actually descend the ship at one harbor or another.

That day we were about to visit a harbor that was famous for its bird market. The captain of the ship got us all together for instructions before we’d descend from the ship. He said:”Whatever you do, do not buy any animals. I will not have them aboard the ship and, besides, you would be interfering with the ecosystem since we cross important natural barriers that animals by nature might not cross. So it is strictly forbidden to buy any animals. Understood?”
So, off they went and gazed at the bird marked in town and no animals were bought.
Well, except for this small bird with a broken leg. The poor thing. Broken leg and all. A little old lady had pitied the poor bird.
So she smuggled the bird under her coat aboard and kept him in her cabin. But after a few days she could no longer keep the secret, since the bird noises were giving her away. She had to face the captain and apologized deeply:”I am so sorry, but the poor thing had a broken leg!” The captain gave her an obligatory reprimand and then forgave her.

Two months passed when we arrived at the same harbor again. The captain called in the passengers for his usual instructions and everybody went ashore.
I went into town and what did I see in the market?
You can guess”
“I don’t not know.” I answered.

Lorne smiled and waited for me to boggle my mind for an answer when he suddenly said:”All birds had a broken leg. After all, it was the only one that was sold. Apparently tourists want birds with broken legs. So this is what they will get.”


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